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Meet Drew

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In short, I am a computer-science-math nerd turned anatomy-movement-wellness geek. Though I started out with a degree in Computer Science and worked in that field for over a decade, a burning desire to do "something more" with my life led me to retrain as a massage therapist and start over again in 1996/97. In the process I found a new fascination, the world of anatomy, fascia (connective tissue), physiology, movement, and nutrition. My passion to learn as much as I could led to studying with leading teachers in Australia and the USA and ultimately obtaining qualifications in Structural Therapy, Thai Bodywork, Hawaiian Bodywork, and various forms of Yoga instruction.

Today my focus is on helping YOU live better and enjoy your life more! Good health is not due to luck and wishful thinking but the outcome of conscious choices made daily. When we feed our bodies with nutritious movement, wholesome foods, and get adequate physical and mental rest, good health will naturally follow.

However, in order to realise genuine changes in the choices we make, they need to be fun, interesting and sustainable. My goal is to teach you not just the "how to's" but also the "why's" so you understand the connection between the choices you make and how they contribute to your health. My passion is to help you become engaged and enthusiastic about "upgrading" your daily choices to support the changes you desire to see.

Get in on the action! Come to one of my public yoga classes or schedule a private lesson. Attend one of my ongoing educational workshops or arrange a private wellness consultation. Book a therapeutic bodywork session and learn how much better you can feel. Connect with me directly or on social media. Do something today that your future self will thank you for!

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Drew Tree Pose

My Wellness Philosophy

  • Nutritious Movement

    Good health requires daily movement that keeps your tissues hydrated and supple, your joints well lubricated, and your muscles and bones strong. Recognising your body blind spots and practicing good posture throughout the day is essential to keeping yourself fit and able your entire life.

  • Healthy Eating

    A plant-strong diet centred on unrefined whole plant foods along with proper amounts of water will not only feed your body the nutrients it needs to be healthy, but can also dramatically reduce the risk of many diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and more.

  • Adequate Rest & Sleep

    Nervous system down-regulation is crucial in helping you enjoy restful, good quality sleep. When you sleep well you support your body in the process of maintenance and self-repair, and wake the next day feeling refreshed. Ancient yogic meditation and breathing practices can assist in this process.

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  • Sankalpa

  • Sankalpa Sanskrit

Sankalpa | sun•kul•pa | a Sanskrit term meaning intention, aim, purpose, will, resolve.
Derived from the root terms San = born of the heart, and kalpa = way of being, a Sankalpa is “a chosen internal resolution or intention that helps to positively reshape and influence one’s direction and purpose.” — Jill Miller, founder of Yoga Tune Up®

In the process of seeking to change and positively improve our lives, we frequently encounter challenges in the form of our own thinking and choices. These habits of thought and behaviour not only hinder our forward movement but are often difficult to even recognise because they live beneath the surface of our conscious awareness.

The ancient yogis referred to these deep rooted patterns as samskaras and likened them to the ruts that a horse- or oxen-drawn cart might carve into a dirt road. Like deep grooves in the road that pull the wheels of a cart into a particular path, so samskaras are like grooves in our minds that lead us to repeat certain patterns of thought and behaviour over and over.

The key to breaking free from our samskaras is the process of crafting a sankalpa, a powerful resolution that you recall to mind, and recommit yourself to expressing again and again as you live each day. You can have more than one sankalpa and your sankalpa(s) might change over time. Your sankalpa is an inner directive that helps you to become the change you wish to see.

Below are some sankalpa's gathered from various sources, including my teacher Jill Miller. I teach more about the process of crafting a sankalpa in my Breathe In Bliss Out workshop.

  • Health is my natural state

  • I listen impartially and respond compassionately

  • I live each moment with peaceful confidence

  • Love energizes my life

  • A miracle is a shift in consciousness

  • I choose to make a difference

  • I trust myself and the future

  • The Universe always supports me

  • Be still, and know

  • Make space and breathe

  • One step at a time

  • Don't sweat the small stuff.

  • I am breathing and listening; in this stillness I am whole

  • I am one with my body; I am one with my mind

  • My path is one of harmony and tranquility

  • Expect the best

  • I am aware

  • My challenges reveal alternative options for success

  • Lean in

  • Do something today that your future self will thank you for

The Sankalpas I use when Teaching

I am a student of my body

I am a student of what I teach

I study my students

Mantras, Mottos, and Quotes

In addition to the sankalpas above I have a collected a variety of mantras, mottos, and quotes which are meaningful to me and serve as inspirations in my daily life and which frequently become source material for new sankalpas. (Click links to view PDF files.)

Namaste In Sand